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Head, Ordnance Environmental Support Office, NOSSA

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New Methods for cost-effective Government Contracting: Share in Savings

Craig Souza
Feb 13

As Washingtonā€™s budget becomes tighter through forced measures, such as the Sequester, Government agencies must do more with less. Share in Savings (SIS) contracts are one approach that could offer the Government an innovative way to achieve results while reducing overall expenditures.

Business Case Analysis and IT Reform in the Public Sector: Accelerating Effective Change

Amanda Esquivel
Senior Management Analyst
Dec 30

For well over a decade, exorbitant Government spending (currently over $80B taxpayer dollars per year) towards operating and maintaining Information Technology (IT) solutions that are end of life and technically outdated has been a topic of concern to legislators. Challenges and solutions in this arena are well known, yet advancements are rarely made.