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Acquisition Management

Acquisition Management


Providing insight to drive with effective and efficient solutions.

Pivotal-Insight understands the needs of public and government sector acquisition professionals that are faced with a climate of increasingly complicated acquisition challenges, such as, budget reductions and increased demands for improving procurement processes. Changing bureaucratic procurement policies and practices, risk adverse cultures, rising acquisition oversight costs, and resource constraints may adversely effect project outcomes. However, with a unique combination of proven research and consulting methods, Pivotal-Insight can help define what procurement services mean to today’s federal, state and local procurement officers by implementing some of our best practices and procedures that ensure satisfactory results for all project stakeholders.

Pivotal-Insight offers Acquisition Management Services in the following areas:
Best practices in contract negotiations
Performance and Risk management
Procurement performance measurement
Vendor analysis and evaluation
Financial management

Proven Track Record: 

A Pivotal Success: Acquisition Support for DoJ