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Custom Insight

The complete picture for your specific situation

These custom reports give a complete picture of a particular business challenge or enterprise purchase. Pivotal conducts Custom Insight™ research exclusively for a particular client based on specific needs. It is independent research, consulting from the sources you care most about -other organizations that have dealt with similar challenges, relevant vendors, others within your organization. Complex decisions can be made more quickly easily with Custom Insight™ research; improving the ability to meet business objectives and reducing risks associated with sourcing decisions.

From a simple business assessment of a new product to executive assessment and evaluation.

From clarifying your research objectives through interpreting results in clear, insightful reports, Pivotal Custom Insight™ research can offer everything from exploratory qualitative research to the most complex quantitative data modeling. From simple executive summaries to interactive Web-based reporting, you can use Custom Insight™ reports for:

  • Business assessment of a new product
  • Executive assessment and evaluation of perspective consulting firms or software vendors
  • Development of business intelligence and evaluation criteria
  • Acquisition management planning and acquisition strategy
  • IT risk analysis research and independent verification & validation (IV&V)
  • Process or product progress assessments

Save Time and Money - Co-sponsor Custom Insight™ Research
Pivotal is occasionally approached to conduct Custom Insight™ Research that might appeal to several clients. Attracting multiple sponsors helps ensure the credibility or the affordability of these efforts.

Pivotal is currently seeking multiple sponsors from both government and the private sector for the following Custom Insight™ topics. To find out more, please feel free to download the research prospectus on each topic or contact us.

Best public procurement practices: The use of procurement outsourcing in the public sector.
It is important for both the public and private sectors to fully understand the opportunities and challenges posed by procurement outsourcing to ensure the best value for the taxpayer. As a result of this effort, research sponsors will be able to define and better understand the cost and benefits of outsourcing government procurement, and challenges of outsourcing procurement functions, including what should or should not be considered "inherently governmental."

Best public procurement practices: The large complexities of managing small business programs.
How agencies meet small business goals and how these practices impact small businesses have come to dominate the agendas of small business advocates both in and out of government. As a result of this effort, research sponsors will be able to determine which best small business practices and approaches are appropriate for their use and how to assess the effectiveness of a small business program. Additionally, we will develop a tool to help large businesses and agencies in selecting small businesses with the necessary experience and quality to meet the requirements of the procurement.

EVM vs. qualitative risk analysis: Can government improve it and program management?
As a result of this effort, research sponsors will be able to better assess where and how to use EVM to the greatest benefit for strategic management and decision-making. Additionally, we will develop a tool to improve the ability of research sponsors to make strategic program/project decisions, incorporating best practices in EVM and other qualitative management tools.

For more information on subscriptions please contact us.