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A Pivotal Success: Project Management Support for HHS

HHS was implementing a multi year plan to consolidate several in use, Operating Division-unique business systems into a single, fully integrated, consolidated application serving the entire Department. This included consolidation of HHS asset systems into an COTS asset management system, the Property Management Information System (PMIS), in order to: 1. Eliminate redundant and outdated asset systems; 2. Produce accurate, timely, reliable, and enterprise asset information for decision-making; 3. Streamline operational activities to achieve more efficient and cost-effective business performance; and 4. To achieve unqualified audit opinions on annual financial statements.

HHS engaged Pivotal to provide comprehensive support of PMIS, including program management, acquisition management, and CPIC execution. Pivotal was retained in the initial phase of this project to develop the business case for capital planning and investment control purposes (OMB 300 and 53) and to outline the basis for proceeding with the development. We subsequently maintained the project plan, funds, and task orders in coordination with the Government, as well as provided technical oversight of three (3) contractors and a budget over $12 million. We also facilitated communications for PMIS, including funding requests and the PMIS change control board, as well as developed/revise policies to reflect the new system.

  • PMIS successfully consolidation of 7 legacy systems and integrated PMIS with the enterprise financial and acquisition systems within 3 years. The project is now in the steady state phase.
  • The PMIS project achieved an ROI of 41.5% for FY05 through FY12.