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Program Management

Program Management


Providing insight to drive with efficient and effective solutions.

As budgets are increasingly being tightened, government agencies must look at new strategies on how they handle and operate day-to-day operations on a large and small scale , all while looking at ways to be more effective and efficient. Pivotal -Insight understands that need and specializes in improving the way government runs by supplying timely, accurate, and unbiased information on best practices and emerging trends within project management . As the Government increasingly focuses on programs as the basic unit of management, the role of the Program Manager has become increasingly complex and challenging. Program Management Offices (PMOs), Multi-contractor management/integration, Earned Value Management (EVM), Best Practices in Systems Engineering/Information Management and the SEI Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) must be considered by today’s Program Manager. With a unique and proven combination of research and consulting, Pivotal Insight brings together the experience of multiple Program Managers to provide practical expertise, best practices and innovative solutions that will ensure satisfactory results for all stakeholders.

Pivotal-Insight offers Program Management Services in the following areas:

  • Provide project management and administrative support including maintaining project plans and schedules
  • Making recommendations on strategies, and identification of technical risks and scope variances
  • Work collaboratively with vendor in developing recommendations and solutions regarding tasks
  • Identify scheduling issues on deliverables and maintain project plan to meet deliverables in timely manner
  • Deliver all required contractual reports and briefs

Proven track record:

A Pivotal Success: Project Management Support for HHS