Pivotal Insight, LLC




Pivotal is committed to delivering timely research that addresses the significant business and technology challenges facing the public sector. Our research provides our clients and consultants with perspective and information on government, and those businesses that work with it, not available today. We gathers key data from government on business practices and the success of the solutions they purchased. Pivotal then combines this data with vendor supplied information to provide the first truly clear, objective, verified, and easily accessible evaluation of vendors across key services and technologies. Working with many buyers and sellers, Pivotal is in a unique position to identify best practices and improve the way government and industry work together.

Pivotal has two research offerings designed to provide clients with the full range of research required to drive the efficient and effective use of public sector technology and business services:

  • Pivotal Intelligence™ Reports: Reports on the technologies and processes that drive business and organizational success in the public sector. Pivotal Intelligence™ reports provide public sector buyers with keen insights into making enterprise technology (e.g., ERP, Cloud, Information Security) purchases and enterprise professional services (e.g., strategic planning, technology implementation, process outsourcing) purchases. These reports are available on a subscription or per report basis.
  • Custom Insight™ Research: These custom reports give a complete picture of a particular business challenge or enterprise purchase. Pivotal conducts Custom Insight™ research exclusively for a particular client based on specific needs. It is independent research, consulting from the sources you care most about -other organizations that have dealt with similar challenges, relevant vendors, others within your organization.

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