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A Pivotal Success: Business Case Analysis for VHA

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) needed to develop the business and programmatic infrastructure in support of the Information Technology (IT) lifecycle management for all VHA IT systems and portfolios. This included the need for due diligence in analyzing and documenting a best-value analysis that considers not only cost, but other quantifiable and non-quantifiable factors supporting an investment decision.

Pivotal was selected to help develop a Business Case Analysis (BCA) capability within VHA Office of Health Information (OHI). This included development of a comprehensive business case analysis (BCA) template and application of the BCA for 8 different initiatives: Resource Management System (RMS), Medicare Claims Pricing Schedules (MCPS), Replacement Scheduling Application (RSA), VistA Lab IS Reengineering (LSRP), Appointment Card, VetPro, Clinical Registration and Tracking (CTR) and CBO Correspondence and Fulfillment

  • Developed OHI’s BCA template, leveraging Pivotal’s previous business case analysis experience along with industry best practices and key components of VHA’s current practices and in-house expertise.
  • Quantified the costs of current resource management operations within the nursing community across VHA, supporting VHA analysis of potential investments
  • Justified accelerated migration of a Class III application (Appointment Card) to Class I status.